Whether it be from Spain, Italy or a short distance across the San Francisco Bay, our global selection of specialty meats are expertly chosen for its quality as well as for the charcuterie’s humane and environmentally sustainable practices. 

Some charcuteries of products we carry:

Fra’ Mani- Based in Berkeley, CA, Fra’ Mani uses the highest-quality pork of hogs raised with 100% vegetarian feeds and no hormones or antibiotics

Molinari – The Molinari family has been producing traditional Italian-style dry cured salames in San Francisco since 1896

Zoe’s Meats – A local charcuterie (from Petaluma, CA) that not only produces restaurant-quality meats but also operates on environmentally sustainable practices (i.e. using biodiesel fuel for their delivery trucks).

Fabrique Délices – A traditional French-style charcuterie from Hayward, CA that produces high quality & handmade pâtés, foie gras, duck rillette, truffle butter, and saucisson sec.

Glaum Egg Ranch – Third generation family-run egg ranch from the foothills of Santa Cruz County. Their 100% cage-free chickens roam freely, drink fresh water, and are fed a natural organic and vegetarian diet with no animal proteins.


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